Conor is an overly animated and fun-loving guy with his heart in the
              right place, but he has one major flaw: He's a magnet for mishap.



Half-Hour Comedy

Have you ever unknowingly befriended a con artist resulting in you becoming a naive accomplice? Have you ever driven to Tijuana for an after-party that ends with the Mexican police escorting you back to the border? Have you ever eaten breakfast with your girlfriend's mother not knowing your entire face has been colored in? Well, Conor has and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Less of the Same is a comedy series about the continuing misadventures of the gullible, semi-working actor, Conor Moriarty, and his blindingly loyal friends who get sucked into his circumstances.

The subject matter in Less of the Same is similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm in that Conor is someone who's always finding a way to get himself into really weird and unusual situations with his friends and complete strangers.


Pilot Episode

When Conor starts experiencing night terrors while sleeping Josh takes him to a hypnotherapist hoping to heal him using the power of hypnosis.


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